Plush, Midtown's Big New Venue, Is Scheduled To Open Next Month

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The Plush Tucson banner.
A new venue in Midtown, Plush, is nearing completion. With a capacity of 425 to 700, the performance space and café was supposed to open in the summer. So the burning question in the St. Louis music world now is: "When will Plush open?"

In between working with tile and other construction-related fun, club owner Maebelle Reed says she's hopeful to have the club up and running by mid-November, but a concrete date is not known.

"We'll be announcing a date very soon," she says.

Reed created a similarly named club in Tucson, Ariz. and began working on bringing the concept to the 4,000 square-foot building about five years ago.

"It was originally going to be in the west end and the neighbors weren't thrilled about me being there," she says. "I had to find the right neighborhood and the right building."
Union Tree Review member Tawaine Noah took a tour Saturday of the space.

Noah met Plush booker Kris Kerry at this year's Undercover Weekend and expressed interest in the club, so Kerry took Noah and other musicians on a tour of what will be a 425-700 capacity performance space and café at 3224 Locust St.

"Well, to be honest, the place is still under a great deal of construction," Noah says. "So, really we were just using our imaginations."

So far there are no announced shows for the mid-November opening.

"Opening a new venue is like getting a Jumbo Jet of the ground," says Kerry. "Once we get going and people have seen and played the room we will be getting a lot of cool acts I'm sure. I do have some good holds though. Just no confirms as of yet."

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Maebelle, here. We will have flexible capacity and can handle up to 800. We plan to do a lot of smaller shows, LOVE the local artists.... we have a penthouse space that will be used for "house concert" style shows. Spaces also available for private events with full catering capabilities. It IS a beautiful building and we have tried to play tribute to it's long endurance and history by not overly "renovating". BTW the total sq ft of the building is 42,000 and the venue/ diner will operate in about 25,000 sq ft. Thanks to Kris for this blog- if you're a local band of any genre please contact our Kris, Kris Kerry.... Opening date is Nov 15. We are much further along than apparent.  ;-)


Have been to the Plush in Tucson many times -St. Louis is in for a treat!


so capacity 425-700?, does that mean flexible capacity based on the set up or do they just not know how big a crowd they can handle yet?

Kiernan Maletsky
Kiernan Maletsky

My understanding is that they'll be able to block off some portion of things for smaller shows (sort of like the Pageant with its balcony). 

Michael Tomko
Michael Tomko

I actually lived in that building for awhile last year while the project was still in the planning stages. It is going to be rad!

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