St. Louis' First 'Real' Breaks: Interview, Photos, Video And The Complete Discography

Download the band's complete discography, including twelve unreleased and/or live tracks here.

Last show flyer and complete footage:


The Breaks - Get Saved tracklist:

1. Breaking the Bible Belt
2. Former Failure...Future Fuckup
3. Cross Country Thieves
4. Landlocked Blues
5. Shaved Like an Asshole
6. Socially Secure, Inc.

Demo tracklist:

1. Johnny Anonymous
2. We Get By
3. Where's The Punchline?
4. Everybody Hates a Tourist

The Breaks - ....Are Broke tracklist:

1. 1907
2. He Hasn't Even Paid His Dues
3. Catch a Bad One
4. What's Up, Fraud?
5. Wolves With No Teeth

Are you looking closely at the cover? Good! Now Joe Sulier owes you a punch in the arm.

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this rad, stl hardcore lives!

big fan
big fan

Thank you for this story.  I don't even care that much about either Breaks' music, but I like giving credit where it's due.  And Sulier's a monster.

This blog needs to cover more good local music, instead of spending so much time making lists.

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