Hijinks, Rock & Roll And An Alarmingly Large Knife: The Don't Tell Me What To Do Tour Video

Justin Johnson of Pretty Little Empire mid-stretch at a gas station.
Pretty Little Empire and Bo & the Locomotive recently returned from a nine day tour that took them to Indianapolis, Columbus, Philadelphia, New York, Asheville, Nashville, and Cape Girardeau. This isn't the first outing for either band this year -- you can read our interviews with Bo after its summer tour to the South here and PLE after a Midwest tour around SXSW here. This time the two bands hit the road together and made it to the coast. Will Godfred, who plays lead guitar and sings backup vocals in PLE, put together a video montage that probably gives you a better an idea of what it's like to haul around the country in a van than either interview. In its two and a half minutes, we see clips from the stage, from gas station stops and overnight stop shenanigans.

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