The Ten Best Things to do in St. Louis This Weekend: October 21 to 23

Jay Farrar plays the Sheldon tonight.
The October madness continues. Jay Farrar plays a rare show at the Sheldon tonight, the Blind Eyes debut its new, four-piece lineup at the Stagger Inn tomorrow and guitar god Buddy Guy makes a visit to the Family Arena. Plus: both Volcanoes and Palace release their debut albums in the next two days, Germany's Jealousy Mountain Duo comes to the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center and the Gin Blossoms is still around, apparently. We kid, we kid. Go Cards, and remember -- you can always get score updates on your phone.


Jay Farrar
The Sheldon
With Bobby Bare, Jr.
8 p.m. | $25 to $30

Kentucky Knife Fight
Off Broadway
With John Paul Keith & the One Four Fives and The Upright Animals
9 p.m. | $7

Buddy Guy
Family Arena
With Jimmie Vaughan
7 p.m. | $31 to $61

The Feed
Blueberry Hill's Duck Room
With Royal Smokestacks and Cree Rider
9 p.m. | $10

Palace Album Release
The Gramophone
With Rodeo Ruby Love and Electric Garden
8 p.m. | $5

Jealousy Mountain Duo
Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center
With Spelling Bee, Britches and Epicycle
8 p.m. | $5

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your mom's mom
your mom's mom

Can we just rename this to "Ten Best CONCERTS to attend this weekend"?  Anyone who wants to be stuck inside at a show this weekend needs their head examined.  Plus, the Gin Blossoms?  Get out of here with this.


Saturday 10/22 - Mr Gnome, Sleepy Kitty, Controlled Fires @ Cicero's

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