Black Spade's The Sweetest Revenge: Release Show Tonight at the Gramophone

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Black Spade looms as large as any artist in St. Louis. He's releasing a new LP tonight with a show at the Gramophone (4243 Manchester Avenue, 314-531-5700). Artists on the bill include Black Spade (obviously), Rockwell Knuckles, Tef Poe, Nato Caliph, Theresa Payne, DJ Needles, and DJ Agile One. Admission is $10 and gets you The Sweetest Revenge on vinyl, a bonus LP and a download code. We don't need to explain the value here. Santa Claus cuts crappier deals than that.

If you are anywhere near St. Louis and standing on two feet, we strongly, strongly advise you go to the Gramphone. While you wait: Read Calvin Cox's preview of the show from this week's print edition.

Local legend Black Spade has long been known for taking hip-hop off its beaten path. Just as capable a producer as he is a singer and emcee, Spade's soulful vocals tend to melt effortlessly over his warm synths and dizzying drum patterns. This show will celebrate the release of his latest album, The Sweetest Revenge, a collaborative effort between Spade and F5 Records' DJ Crucial. The album boasts guest appearances from other Force affiliates such as Nato Caliph and Tef Poe, both of whom will be on hand to perform. There will also be an opening set by Lavelle Spitz.

Believe It or Not: The price of admission gets you a copy of Revenge on actual vinyl! Not to worry, digital loyalists -- the album comes with a downloadable copy.

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The Gramophone

4243 Manchester Ave., St. Louis, MO

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Vintage Vinyl
Vintage Vinyl

Black Spade will also be performing at Vintage Vinyl on "Black Friday" starting at 7:00PM. The LP is in the store and available now for purchase if the night club scene isn't your thing.

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