The Justin Bieber Fan Vicious Murder Fund: Donate At A Gwar Show Today!

Categories: Fiesta!

Photo by Jon Gitchoff
They're definitely still cleaning the fake blood off of everything at Pop's after last night's GWAR show. But amidst all the surprisingly realistic zombie corpses and cartoon medieval weaponry, our photographer noticed a relatively innocuous (visually, anyway) sign at the merch table. "Every $ You tip viciously murders a Justin Bieber fan! Please give generously..."

Thereby does everyone's favorite carol-singing horror band give voice to the not-so-secret ire of the thousands who hate hair-swoops and pre-pubescent millionaires, or at least the idea of those things.

View a full slideshow of GWAR at Pop's where, to the best of our knowledge, no one was viciously murdered. Some people may have been eaten by the World Maggot, however.

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