Your Guide to Tonight's tUnE-yArDs Show

Anna M Campbell
tUnE-yArDs, your presumptive early frontrunner in the Year End Listgasm Sweepstakes, is playing at Off Broadway tonight. But the thing to note here is that the album (w h o k i l l, naturally, because the incredible talent behind all this, Merrill Garbus, ain't doing anyone any typographical favors) is a tape-loop diamond, possessed of at least three get-out-there-and-be-somebody ragers. Ryan Wasoba, writing about the show in this week's print edition, notes her elastic, gymnastic vocal personality, saying, "she is a soul diva, a shouting punk, an early-'80s beat girl and a reggae hypewoman, often shifting personas within one song (see: 'Bizness')."

Consider this our highest recommendation. The party's at Off Broadway tonight. Pat Jordache opens, tickets are $12 (plus $2 if you're a minor) and doors open at 7:30. Now, about that bizness...

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