The Four Bert Dax Xmas Release Shows: Listen to Bug Chaser's "Wild Turkey Is On Sale" Here

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Didn't know you were going to blow an eyeball vein today, did you?
A Very Bert Dax Christmas, Volume Nine has now officially been bequeathed upon the world, with hard copies available and four (count 'em) release shows in the books for next week. Wednesday the 14th kicks things off at Off Broadway, and from there the party moves to El Lenador and 2720 on the following two nights, respectively. The final soiree is on Sunday at Lemmon's. The full lineup is listed out below, in case you're having trouble with the above (its creator offers that it's like the ugly sweater of concert posters) for some reason.

Can't wait that long? The folks over at Pancake Productions have been kind enough to lend us one of this year's yuletide efforts, from Bug Chaser. It's called "Wild Turkey is on Sale," and it is much like the classic Holiday efforts of Bing Crosby and Mariah Carey in exactly zero ways. Listen:

"Wild Turkey is on Sale" by Bug Chaser

Wednesday, December 14 at Off Broadway
Bug Chaser
Catholic Guilt
Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship
$5 | All Ages

Thursday, December 15 at El Lenador
Black James
The Chill Dawgs
Ellen the Felon & the Mattronome
$5 | 21+

Friday, December 16 at 2720 Cherokee
Ded Bugs
Hathead Jones
Bass-Amp & Dan-O
and more
$10 | All Ages

Sunday, December 18 at Lemmon's
Dubb Nubb
$5 | 18+

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