Rabbi James Stone Goodman and Brothers Lazaroff Record Eight Nights for Havey Kronblum Jewish Food Pantry

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Last week, Brothers Lazaroff threw its first Hanukkah Hullabaloo after the Kinky Friedman show at Off Broadway. Performing with Rabbi James Stone Goodman, Will Soll's Klezmer Conspiracy and the Vaad, the group recited poetry, improvised in traditional European folk style and even cooked latkes on stage.

The night was a sufficient success that the whole crew decided to head to the studio to create an accompanying record. They emerged from Red Pill Studios a week later with an album centered on the reciting of the Eight Nights poems by Rabbi Goodman, backed by the musicians. They posted the album online on the first day of Hanukkah for $10, and all proceeds go to benefit the Harvey Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry. Two and a half days in, the tally stands at $1,600. Listen below, and donate by heading to the Bandcamp page.


Rabbi James Stone Goodman - Readings, Writings, Oud and Percussion

Brothers Lazaroff:
Jeff Lazaroff - Guitars, Octave 12, Vibes, Vocals
David Lazaroff - Guitars, Drum Programming and Samples, Omni-Chord, Pedal Steel and Vocals
Grover Stewart - Drums, Percussion, Samples, and Vocals
Teddy Brookins - Bass and Vocals
Mo Egeston - Fender Rhodes, Synth, Melodica

Klezmer Conspiracy:
Will Soll - Tenor Banjo, Mandolin
Dana Hotle - Clarinet
Shlomo Ovadya - Percussion

The Vaad- Drum Programming and Loops

Paco Proano- Sound Design (Denver, CO)

Words: James Stone Goodman
Music: Traditionals arranged by Brothers Lazaroff

Recorded and Mixed by Jacob Detering of Red Pill Entertainment

Art Work by J.J. Campbell at Rural Rooster in Austin, TX

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Will Soll
Will Soll

I could say that “Eight Nights” is 33 minutes of Hanukkah poetry read over an electronic klezmer groove, and that’s true, but that doesn’t begin to do it justice.    It’s all so insightful, vibrant, fresh and funky--if I say so myself--and I had a hand in this--but so did many others, and the whole in this case is not the sum, but the multiplication of its parts.  Hanukkah will never be the same. You owe it to your soul to check it out.

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