Jeff Tweedy Forecasts the Weather on WGN: "Seven Days Seems Kind of Optimistic to Me."

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"Looks pretty good. I dunno...things could be worse?"
Jeff Tweedy has been affably impossible to look away from this year. Wilco made a recent appearance on WGN in Chicago, and Tweedy was a good enough sport to stick around for the most noncommittal weather forecast in the history of the 24-hour-news cycle. The banter begins with a face-palmy joke: "It's nice to have a hairy weather man out here," and Tweedy doesn't miss a beat. "That's why I'm here. I'm supplemental hair."

Obviously you should watch this immediately.

At this point Tweedy seems on a mission to single-handedly debunk the celebrity mystique. People keep giving him a giant platform, and he shrugs through it. It's a strange thing to watch, because ordinarily you'd expect someone in this position and with his general disposition to shun these sorts of viral-ready spotlights as a matter of course.Trust us, though, we are not complaining.

If you are looking for some music by the band Tweedy fronts, Daytrotter recently posted a session recorded just before the start of The Whole Love tour. Or, you know, you can watch him teach his son to shave.

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