Phaseone Comes Home for Christmas With Warnings of the Basquiat Haircut Trend

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All RFT Music wants for Christmas is little Phaseone, and since we buy our weed from Santa Claus in the off-season, he hooked it up. St. Louis ex-pat Andrew Jernigan is leaving Brooklyn behind for the holidays and playing Christmas eve at Atomic Cowboy (4140 Manchester Avenue, 314-775-0775) with a based crew: Billy Brown, Matt Leach and DJ EJ. In keeping with the Crimbus spirit, the show is free, but 21 and up.

The producer has been busy since we last saw him; His "Sugar" video -- directed by former St. Louisians Ryan Powell and Vadim Gershman -- beat out M83, Com Truise and John Maus and was named XLR8's number two video of the year. He's been laying down tracks for his upcoming album on Williams Street, and we caught up with him via email to get an update. He won't tell us about the collab with Freddie Gibbs, but he does drop a hint or two about the new record.

Diana Benanti: What do you miss most about our fair city?

Phaseone: Dude, when I left, I had totally had enough. It was like, "peace, bitches." But I miss Saint Louis so much right now. I've never lived anywhere else. It really is my heart. I miss just driving around in the rain when you have a day off, going to Record Exchange, eating a burrito somewhere. Not being in a hurry. But I love living in New York. You don't miss anything. It's like living on the edge of the world. I don't want to leave any time soon. I definitely don't miss the terrible people in Saint Louis. Total strangers who just talk crazy around you and say hateful shit that they assume you agree with.

How have your shows gone over there?

They were cool. I haven't been doing many because I've really been trying to keep working on music.

Phaseone - Murk Unit by PHASEONE

Is making music in New York any different for you than here?

The process hasn't really changed at all for me. But I've been working on all kinds of stuff. I started going in like three different directions. Maybe they all seem different from the inside but other people may not see it like that.

Any challenges in New York that you weren't anticipating?

Everything I thought would be hard has been super easy. New York is not hard if you've got money or you're smart about it. I had a weird experience with a psychotic neighbor but that's taken care of now.

What have you been listening to? Favorite albums/cuts this year?

Africa Hi-Tech, James Pants, Drake, Shabazz Palaces and Zomby put out my favorite albums this year.

Any trends you're seeing that we'll be mired in one to three years from now?

Haha yeah. Basquiat haircuts.

What can we look forward to on the new album?

It's definitely more song-based, not an album of club bangers. The bass is definitely there, it's just a different vibe. I really channeled some of the music that I love the most that hasn't been as prevalent in my other stuff. You'll see. It's pretty heavy, pretty emotional. Some songs are a little dark. I've been making more simple fun joints too as this album is winding down but I'm saving them for the next project.

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Atomic Cowboy

4140 Manchester Ave, St. Louis, MO

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