Point and Clique: Make Your Nominations for the 2012 St. Louis Web Awards Now

Point and Clique: The RFT's St. Louis Web Awards is back for year two. You can make your nominations for our 2012 edition now. Feel free to fill out as much or as little of the ballot as strikes your interest; for our purposes here the clear item of Most Interest is Best Music Blog. Last year, I Went To A Show took the category's inaugural prize. Will they defend their title? You can submit nominations up until December 22, and the awards party will be held in the last week of January.

Also, please feel free to nominate your own categories in the ballot's final field as well. If we have enough nominations for things like, say, best musician's twitter account or best use of social media to promote a band or something, those will make the final cut. So go! Because some people are great at the Internet, and we want to reward them for it.

2012 St. Louis Web Awards Poll

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