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The holiday we've been waiting for since the summer is nearly upon us! We are, obviously, referring to El Monstero, the Pink Floyd tribute show that takes over the Pageant (6161 Delmar Boulevard, 314-726-6161) once a year for, in this case, six shows. The first of those shows is this weekend and we would like to send you to Saturday's soiree. It's incredibly sold out, incidentally.

To win: In the comments below, please rewrite at least one line of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" using El Monstero or Pink Floyd related imagery. A little inspiration:

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The Pageant

6161 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, MO

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Twas the night before Thursday, when all through the voidNo sound was sounding, except Pink Floyd.My headphones were on so no neighbors would hear;The album playing was Wish You Were Here.

The keyboards were laying a bed of beautyWhile Gilmour's guitars Shined so truly.A legend, a martyr and a steel breezeHelped the song float to the next track with ease.

The sounds of industry and making a monsterWelcome the listener to an artist's disaster:Suits and cigars and trains full of gravy,Finally a message to those we miss greatly.

The music was fading and before I knewComplete was the song "Crazy Diamond, Part Two."When, what to my wondering eyes would appear,The news 'El Monstero soon would be here.'

Mark Farace
Mark Farace

We don't need no creatures stirring.We don't need no kids awake.Out on the lawn there arose a clatter.The chimney started to move and shake.Hey, Nick, leave those cookies alone.All we want is, just some gifts under the tree.

Mark Farace
Mark Farace

Since I never heard anything, and there were only 2 of us, I guess you won.  Congrats!

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