Mike Cracchiolo and Kenny Snarzyk's favorite Cicero's Shows

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Bryan Sutter
Neil Hamburger at Cicero's
In this week's music feature, RFT reported on Cicero's surprising decision to fire booking agent Mike Cracchiolo and publicist Kenny Snarzyk after less than nine months of employment. They were understandably disappointed, but not all of our conversation focused on the story's negatives. Cracchiolo and Snarzyk also reminisced about their favorite shows at Cicero's during their brief stint at the venue.

Mike Cracchiolo: The show we got the most attention for was Melt-Banana, and rightfully so. My personal favorite was Jim Ward from At The Drive-In and Sparta. That was a great set and a great setting to see him perform. I think it was the perfect show for that room.

Kenny Snarzyk: One of my favorite shows was The Lion's Daughter with this great band from Memphis called Galaxicon. That's the perfect example of a show that wouldn't have happened if we weren't on board.

MC: Neil Hamburger was so much fun. Also, I was really grateful that we got to host Griffin Kay's last show with So Many Dynamos. The band would not have been comfortable doing that show at Cicero's if we weren't involved. It was kind of a homecoming as well as a farewell.

KS: Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band, Kristeen Young, Moon Duo. Mike did a great job booking that room. I'd be lying if I said I was excited about every show that came to the venue, but those are ones I'd be more than happy to attend and pay for if I hadn't been working.

Cracchiolo and Snarzyk took over the venue's duties in April of 2011. What are your favorite Cicero's shows in that period?

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Mike Cracchiolo
Mike Cracchiolo

Ok, now this is getting ridiculous. Outtakes? We weren't the second coming of Christ. If this was supposed to be the positive side of the main article there was no need to include the leading quotes about how so and so wouldn't play there if it wasn't for us and I think by now everybody and their mother knows Kenny thought I did a good job.

I know everybody loves a trainwreck but we told our side of the story already. Let it die.


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Matt Harnish
Matt Harnish

Coming soon, the 8 week series...Loving Mike Cracchiolo: How Much Is Too Much?

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