The First Popeye Cartoon in Three Decades is a Wilco Music Video

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Wilco is uniquely positioned as a rock band with the resources to do whatever and a total antipathy for convention. In the last year, we have seen the emergence of Tweedy Family Band the Racconists, a Black Eyed Peas cover set, a guest spot forecasting the weather on WGN and an incredible shrinking tour of Chicago. So why wouldn't the band's latest music video, for "Dawned On Me," be commissioned in the service of creating the first hand-drawn Popeye cartoon in over thirty years? Watch below as Jeff Tweedy attempts to steal Olive Oyl's heart from Popeye.

Shout out to KDHX, recently named Best Music Blog in St. Louis, for the tip.

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Chris Ward
Chris Ward

Popeye: cuckholded by Tweedy! See how he just gives up like that and goes back into that can? Weird man. Just weird.

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