Real World, St. Louis Music Edition: Launch Party Thursday at Atomic Cowboy

Courtesy of the Chevy Music Showcase
Karl Eggers and Beth Bombara at Off Broadway
OK, without the house and we doubt anyone stops being polite. But the Chevy Music Showcase will feature twelve St. Louis artists in a TV series. Each of the bands will get a two-minute episode on KMOV Channel 4 (CBS) with performance and interviews, with full clips to be found online for free download at the Chevy Music Showcase web site. The site is under construction at the moment -- you can find more information and updates on the Facebook page.

This Thursday, the series will get an official launch at Atomic Cowboy (4140 Manchester Avenue, 314-775-0775). Admission is $5 or free if you Like the Facebook page -- Beth Bombara and the Feed, both featured on the show, will perform.

The complete list of this year's featured artists is Alyss Hogan, Beth Bombara, Bottoms Up Blues Gang, Bruiser Queen, Dear Genre, Filmore, Geoff Koch, John Henry, Tight Pants Syndrome, The Feed, Tucker Booth and Union Tree Review.

Venues featured include 2720 Cherokee, Atomic Cowboy, Cicero's, Off Broadway, SciFi Lounge and Venice Café.

The Showcase is funded by Chevy (how'd you guess?), specifically an association of 32 dealerships in the area.


Location Info

Atomic Cowboy

4140 Manchester Ave, St. Louis, MO

Category: Music

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Tucker Booth
Tucker Booth

Oh yeah and I'll be there for the party tomorrow night. Flying in from LA first thing tomorrow morning. To all my peeps: see you there.....

Tucker Booth
Tucker Booth

Thanks for the Love DL! I have to say that the only other artists that I know on the bill are Geoff Koch and John Henry and I dare say they are both talented and lovely human beings. However, it is always nice to know that others out there think I don't suck. Lord knows I've gotten enough internet hate for a whole lifetime. I will however encourage you (as someone who has experienced it firsthand) that hyper critical blogs 'i.e. you suck' deeply wound artists. how about instead of saying 'you suck' you try 'too bad all those people are not my taste....'? please don't think i'm browbeating you. just trying to create harmony, goodwill, and artistic encouragement in a scene notorious for backbiting and shit slinging. 

peace and love. sincerely. tucker dale booth


Too bad your mom sucks.


Too bad all those people suck (esp beth bombara and bubg) except for Tucker Booth

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