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Steve Davis
This weekend, Steve Davis & the Mid South Revival will pay homage to the King with Memories of Elvis at the Pageant (6161 Delmar Boulevard, 314-726-6161). Double Trouble, Rivertown Sound will help with the Elvis songs. Thomas Hickey will play as Buddy Holl and Anna Blair will be taking on Patsy Cline. To win, tell us in the comments what single attribute you think is the most important for an Elvis performer to master.

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The Pageant

6161 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, MO

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The Most important single attribute for an impersonator/illusionist is the True faith which includes the unconditionally kind heart. To sum it up, a Genuinely Loving, True, kind, giving Christian Heart. that will set the tempeteture for the rest of what u do


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Seriously? No one has entered yet? Boooo. Steve Davis as Elvis is amazing!

But an Elvis performer has to fit the suit, much like Greg Brady as Johnny Bravo. Steve is good for it.

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