Earl Sweatshirt Comes Home, Releases New Song, Gets 50,000 Twitter Followers

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Home at last.
As first reported by LA Weekly, the youthful new-west hip-hop collective known as Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (AKA Odd Future or OFWGKTA for short, and OFWGKTADGAFLLBBLSBFBN for long) is finally seeing the triumphant return of (arguably) its most talented member. Earl Sweatshirt -- real name Thebe Kgositsile, now nearly eighteen -- became the talk of the entire Internet when he released a controversial video for his self-titled single in July of 2010 -- one which depicts a then fifteen-year-old Earl and the rest of Odd Future mixing drugs and malt liquor in a blender and passing it around before leaving the house to skate.

The rowdy up-and-coming hip-hop collective largely has Earl and the success of said controversial video to thank for their recent meteoric rise -- at press time it has over 10 million views on YouTube -- while Earl himself has the same video to thank for the fact that his family had him placed in a program for troubled teens on a Samoan island. While friend and OF founder Tyler the Creator and the rest of his posse continued to make a name for their group, Earl worked on an island and watched from afar as a rabid and rapidly growing fan base screamed for his return.

Today the infectious "Free Earl" chants can finally be put to rest, as the prodigal prodigy has returned home. Around 6:30 p.m. Central Standard Time today he started a Twitter and through fellow Golf-Wanger Frank Ocean's account he got out a simple message: 50,000 Twitter followers by tonight and fans will be rewarded with a new single. It took about three hours. The video teaser can be seen below, and the entire song, appropriately entitled "Home," can be heard here.

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Joshua Danger Stnmtz
Joshua Danger Stnmtz

Tyler is not Earl's brother, he just says that on a song.  They're close friends.  

Daniel Hill
Daniel Hill

Double-checked and you are correct; thanks for the tip. In my defense though it's a whole lot of songs they say that on, not just one.

Joshua Danger Stnmtz
Joshua Danger Stnmtz

Oh yeah, on the first track of Earl Tyler says something about him being his brother from his mother's side or something like that.

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