Heartless Bastards at the Firebird, 2/8/12: Photos

Megan Gilliland
Heartless Bastards' Arrow comes out next Tuesday.
Heartless Bastards has moved from Dayton to Austin in the course of a career making dusty rock. Its newest release, Arrow, is its most refined work to date. You can listen to it now a week ahead of its proper release through NPR's First Listen series.

The band stopped by the Firebird last night, and photographer Megan Gilliland was there to capture the mood. Her shots are below -- if you're looking for some accompanying live cuts, head over to KDHX; the band played an in-studio on Chris Bay's Gold Soundz show.

Megan Gilliland

Megan Gilliland

Megan Gilliland

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The Firebird

2706 Olive St., St. Louis, MO

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WTF is dust rock?  Google that and just about all you get is rock dust entries.  There are no references in Wikipedia for dust rock and it certainly is not mentioned in the Heartless Bastards entry.  The need for these crazy, and only used by industry people is ludicrous.  You either rock or you don’t and the HB’s rocked last night.  Was there some sort of office pool this week to come up with the most outrageous label ala Super Trooper?  If so you win!    

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