Sikeston Musician's Homemade Millennium Falcon Guitar Earns YouTube Fame

Brian Fisk created the most awesome Star Wars guitar in history.
Star Wars is a beastly franchise -- a film series to which legions and legions of fans don't hesitate to pay tribute. But a Missouri musician upped the badassery ante recently with an awe-inspiring Millennium Falcon guitar.

Brian Fisk -- a country music artist who resides in Sikeston -- has made serious waves since posting a YouTube video of himself playing the ridiculously
intricate-looking instrument.

In an e-mail interview with RFT Music, Fisk says the guitar's creation was a result of
hard work -- and a little ingenuity.

"The guitar started as a Millennium Falcon plastic toy from the '90 and a blank guitar neck," Fisk says. "I custom made the R2-D2 headstock and created a wood reinforcement system to go inside the toy body to support the tension of the strings. I kept the original lights and sounds operable and added blue LED hyperdrive lights in the back."

A video of Fisk playing one of his songs has been seen over 120,000 times since being uploaded to YouTube. And Fisk managed to snag some mainstream media attention, including getting interviewed by CNN's Geek Out! and the Southeast Missourian.

The rapid spread of the video, Fisk says, accomplished personal - and professional - goals.

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