Name This Band: The Artist Formerly Known As Stinkfoot

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At RFT Music, we know that deciding on a band name is not easy. We're here to help. In our series Name This Band, we invite local musicians to answer some questions about their startup groups. Using this information, we will suggest three names. You can vote on your favorite in the comments or suggest your own. The band must select a recommended name, or else we will use our magic powers of local connectivity to make sure the band is blacklisted from all local venues*.

This week's band consists of vocalist/guitarist Jon Valentino, guitarist Chris Komarik, bassist Marshall Marietta, and drummer Mike Kunz. The quartet already has an EP under its belt and a decent following, but it has one seriously bad band name: Stinkfoot.

The band considers itself stylistically closest to 90s alternative rock. We agree. Listen to its Stone Temple Pilots-ish track "Paradise":

We asked the band for three dealbreakers:

-Nothing overly dark, like "We Have Just Slaughtered Your Family And Now We're Coming For You."
-Nothing punny. Puns are great if you are only planning on playing together for a month. After that it gets really old really fast.
-It cannot be worse than Stinkfoot. If you come up with a name that causes people to react worse than they currently do to Stinkfoot, then we have not accomplished our goal here.

With this information and our seasoned band naming skills here are our recommendations:

-Room Temperature



So what's it going to be, folks? Vote below.

*This is not true and/or possible.

If you have any better ideas, leave your suggestions in the comments. If you are in a band looking for a name, contact Ryan Wasoba, and we will do our best to name your band.


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A deficiently-spaced sign at a show this week gave birth to "Fireaisle".

A similar issue on a supermarket entrance resulted in "Seafood Pharmacy" but that sounds like the name of a band that should be doing gigs at The Shanti or the Oyster Bar, which I'm guessing aren't in these guys' milleu...


Kathleen Turner Overdrive

Perfect vision
Perfect vision

All you have to do is look at their photo to know the right name for this band is The Stares.


why don't you name yourselves, "who gives a fuck?", and go back to your jobs as baseball cap salesmen?


Odd Man Out, Sucker Punch, Insult to Injury

Kristin (of Née)
Kristin (of Née)

White Hot... It sure is what I wish I would have named my band. Goddamit. Just nothing with an accent mark over a letter, no matter how well it conceptualizes your art. 


Backdraft, Roundhouse, The Photographed

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