Pretty Little Empire is Trying to Break Your Heart

Pretty Little Empire gives one of the best gut-punches in the city. And "All I Know" is one of its most powerful songs. Captured in it are the band's rough-hewn guitar melody, driving rhythm and, most importantly, devastating lyrical turns. Observe:

"And if that's what you want/to always be alone/then we'll probably get along/'cuz I know I know/what it's like to feel alone."

The band went to Chicago toward the end of last year to shoot a very professional music video with director Justin Hayward. It came out today, and its relatively simple conceit -- stuttered black-and-white shots of PLE playing in a dimly lit hall -- proves effective. The cinematography was done by Joseph Fitzgerald and the video was edited by Tom Desch.

Pretty Little Empire is recording a full-length with Native Sound Studios -- look for it later this year.

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Philippine Trivia
Philippine Trivia

I often review just the "highlight" tracks but I found that this album is deep with beautifully crafted songs" 


A band that rhymes "alone," with, "alone," being praised for their lyrics... consider my mind BLOWN.

Kiernan Maletsky
Kiernan Maletsky

Didn't realize rhyming was the only rhetorical device out there. 

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