Rock Band Delivers its Most Requested Song Ever: "Never Gonna Give You Up"! No, Seriously.

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Just when you thought it was safe to listen to Rick Astley in a non-ironic way, the British singer comes rolling back with a downloadable song in Rock Band 3.
Any DJ, cover band or organ grinder can attest to how touchy people can get when a requested song isn't played. The blowback can be even more harsh when the musical entity in question is Harmonix, the creator of the Rock Band video game franchise.

Even though music gaming experienced some discernible low points in recent months, Harmonix has continued to pump out new downloadable content every week since 2007.

By contrast, Activision's Guitar Hero franchise hasn't released new downloadable songs since the series went on hiatus last year and Ubisoft's Rocksmith offers upnew songs on a relatively uneven basis.

Since the Rock Band franchise is effectively the last man standing in the "pretend-to-be-in-a-band" world, it's not that surprising that the Boston-based company gets requests for new tunes. Harmonix created a web site and Facebook application to handle demands of its consumers, but staffers at the company still get inundated with requests.

For example, there's an extremely vocal element of the Rock Band community that desperately wants more songs from Muse in the game. Browbeating for the popular British outfit has become so commonplace and irritating that some hardcore fans -- such as RockBandAide's Tommy Wall -- utilize the band as a synonym for overzealous requesting. When asked about whether more moar Muse was coming to Rock Band in a 2010 interview, Harmonix spokesman extraordinaire John Drake quipped "I hope they fall down a flight of stairs" before noting that he gets asked the question every 30 seconds.

But on Tuesday, Harmonix acceded to the masses' requests by releasing the most asked for song in the last three years. And it's not "Stairway to Heaven," "Knights of Cydonia" or "The Ballad of Gareb Shamus."

The most sought-after song for Rock Band DLC is none other than "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley.

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