Mama's Bed N Brunch is a Haven for Touring Bands

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Jennifer Silverberg
Sharon Scherer operates a Bed N Brunch for touring bands in South City
As any band that's hit the road will tell you, the glamours of touring are greatly overstated. Musicians deal with a blurry mess of cold floors and gas station meals. It can be a trial by fire that has ended many a promising career.

Sharon Scherer knows how hard it can be, and she's doing something about it. In the past year, she's opened her spacious south city home to touring bands, calling it Mama's Bed n Brunch. Scherer's operation is the subject of this week's music feature, written by Ryan Wasoba. In it, she talks about her motivations (appreciation for artists, mostly) and practices (clean sheets and hot brunch, always). You can find more information on the Mama's Facebook page.

You can find Mama's

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