The Hive Dwellers at Luminary Art Center, 3/27/12: Review, Photos and Setlist

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Sleep in Sundays. Photo by Mike Appelstein
Critic's Notebook: Opening act Woodsman, a NYC-via-Denver trio, was a pleasant surprise. Beneath their noisy, pedal-driven instrumental guitar attack, there was always a propulsive rhythm (often Krautrock-influenced) and a nice midrange buzz. Like jazzbos under the influence of Spacemen 3, each song set up a simple riff and explored its permutations for several minutes before fading away. Sometimes three chords is already at least two too many. Sleep in Sundays, a band bred in St. Louis but based in Olympia, kicked off the evening with its unassuming, hushed sound. There were elements of Elliott Smith in the finger-picked guitar and Eric Williger's subdued vocals, with occasional small crescendos a la Mount Eerie.

Mike Appelstein

Hive Dwellers setlist:
A Woman Named Trudy
Somebody's Phone is Ringing
Tell-Tale Heart
? (", be mine")
Pine Shaped Box
Messed Up and Rambling
? ("...daughters of the revolution")
Get In
Nothing But The Buryin'
Love Will Come Back Again
? ("...who's afraid of Oedipus Rex?")
Sitting Alone at The Movies

Note: We know we missed a few titles. Please get in touch if you can help fill them in, and we'll update this setlist accordingly.

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Luminary Center for the Arts-CLOSED - CLOSED

4900 Reber Place, St. Louis, MO

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Mike Appelstein
Mike Appelstein

Yeah, I did unfortunately miss him. I'll blame it on having to turn in my review, sleep for a few hours, and go to work in the am.

Steve Houldsworth
Steve Houldsworth

Too bad the reviewer left before Dustin Wong, the highlight of the evening.

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