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Of course, there are bad apples. These are the ones that I'm scared of running into, and these are the ones that are the most entertaining on Juggalobook. There are dudes who just get way too into it. Going into Juggalo territory is not like entering another country, it's like landing on another planet. Juggalobook is an extension of this other invented life. Most of the people have their faces painted in a way that completely obscures all facial social cues. Someone in full face paint could be happy or angry and it might be hard to tell how they are feeling. But, hey, you'd encourage painting your face, too, if you looked like Ed Rooney. In keeping with ICP tradition- one uses one's Juggalo name as a screen name. The screen names are spelled in Juggalo-style and frequently include the words "twizted," "wykyd," and "gurl."
I think the most interesting thing about Juggalo subculture is Juggalettes. How they behave and how they are treated is unique to the group. First of all, rarely does a Juggalette meet average American beauty standards. Stretch marks, C-sections scars, lumpy thighs and saggy tits are the normal in ICP land, not the exception. And these women are seen as pieces of meat. They are frequently groped, put on display and encouraged to engage in public sex acts by their male counterparts. And most of them seem to volunteer for this treatment. It's interesting because these are women who would never, ever be considered sex objects by conventional standards. With a Juggalette, it doesn't matter that she's obese or that her hair is terrible, in this culture even the most busted female can be considered attractive, as long as she is DTF. It's fascinating and this phenomenon should be something that future anthropologists study in graduate school. (I'm looking at you, Webster University.)

What do you think of Juggalos and Juggalobook? It's easy to sign up and one is instantly rewarded with shenanigans from a foreign culture. Remember how much fun we all had making fun of the "Miracles" video? (Nearly 10 million views!) You can have that much fun on Juggalobook, but watch out for AdultJuggalos.net. It's NSFW for life.

MCL, y'all.

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