The 2012 RFT Music Awards Nominees

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Jon Gitchoff
At the 2011 RFT Music Showcase. You might just find a couple of these folks again this year...
That's right, sports fans, it's once again time for the big ol' love letter to St. Louis music known as the RFT Music Awards and Showcase. The nominating committee has made its arguments and to show for it we have five of the best bands and artists in 25 categories.

Many of these fine musicians will appear at the RFT Music Showcase, to be held this year on June 2. Important: If you are one of this year's nominees, please email us at and include the best email and phone number at which to reach you this week in order to be sure you are included in our coverage.

For those of you who are still reading and haven't skipped ahead to the nominees already (all three of you), a note or two on this year's ballot: We are instituting an RFT Music Hall of Fame. Some form of this has existed in the past, but this will be ongoing -- each year we will select a handful of highly deserving mainstays and breakouts to enshrine. This year's inductees are listed after the rest of the categories, which are in alphabetical order. Also, if your band/your friend's band isn't listed, rest assured it was right on the bubble.

Congratulations to all 125 nominees.

Pretty Little Empire
Rough Shop
Water Liars
Tenement Ruth
Bob Reuter's Alley Ghost

Rum Drum Ramblers
Bottoms Up Blues Gang
Big George Brock
Jeremiah Johnson band
Marquise Knox

Chamber Pop
Scarlet Tanager
Union Tree Review
Dots Not Feathers
Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra

Prairie Rehab
Colonel Ford
Dive Poets
Western Satellites
Lonesome Cowboy Ryan & His Dried Up Tear Drops

Cover Band
Dance Floor Riot
Vote For Pedro
Extremely Pointless
Trixie Delight

DJ Needles
DJ Mahf
DJ Sir Thurl
DJ Uptown

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