The Ghost Wolves' Thoughtful Request To Be Removed From RFT's "Worst" Band Name List

Turns out the name was much more literal than we thought.
On Tuesday, RFT Music posted a list of the best and worst band names at this year's South By Southwest. The Ghost Wolves was deemed the sixth worst name, leading the Austin, Texas duo to send this email in response:

"Just fyi - our name isn't "trendy" ... we actually travel with a 125 pound arctic wolf hybrid and raise wolf hybrids on our Texas ranch. Been at it for 30 years. And one night, we saw the ghost of one our dead wolves on our land. So we named our band The Ghost Wolves.

Sure, lots of bands have "Wolves" in their name. But do any of them actually tour with one?

Would appreciate if you'd move us to the "best" list. And here's a music video if you're interested in actually listening to a band before you say bad things about them.

The Ghost Wolves"

Naturally, we were intrigued. After investigating, it turns out Jonny's speaking the truth. According to the band's Facebook page and backed up by this article in The Austin American-Statesman, guitarist and singer Carley Wolf raises wolf hybrids at her family farm. The group actually does tour with Winter, a beautiful white part-wolf dog, who apparently guards the merch table. Furthermore, the band is named after literally seeing the ghost of a wolf - which furthers our claim that "the concept of a ghost wolf is actually kind of awesome."

So The Ghost Wolves has wolf credibility. Is it still a bad band name? Yes. But maybe not one of the worst.

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They aren't exploiting the wild ... they're embracing it! And they are an amazing band.  Keep talking badly about them and your imaginary god might SEND YOU TO HELL for being a HATER. Christians = adults with imaginary friends!!!!!! Have fun in YOUR CULT


terrible name. these people should be ashamed for exploiting wild creations of GOD


in world of warcraft, as a ghost wolf, the shaman is less hindered be effects that would reduce movement and speed.

Mark Hopkins
Mark Hopkins

Oh, and I just saw the name of the blog...Riverfront Times? That's a catchy and a original name, let me guess, they're based on a river?  Seems creativity is no longer requisite for blog writing....

Mark Hopkins
Mark Hopkins

I love how polite the Ghost Wolves were not to mention how fugly the name Wasoba is.  Sounds like chronic diarrhea you get from eating too much Wasabi

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