Shattermask Lead Singer Brian Dotson Wanted for Five Counts of Statutory Rape and Sodomy [Update]

Brian Keith Dotson, a.k.a. Priest DeOlivera
Update: Per St. Louis Crimestoppers, Brian Dotson was arrested last night without incident. Adds Crimestoppers, "Thanks to all our callers. The response to this was great." You don't say...

Update: According to the probable cause statement obtained by RFT Music from the Jefferson County Prosecutor's office, Brian Dotson was involved in a sexual relationship with the daughter of a family friend. The victim says he would sometimes stay at their house in Jefferson County and that, starting in May of 2011, any time he did they would engage in a variety of sex acts. She was thirteen when it started and is now fourteen.

Original post follows.

Shattermask frontman Brian Keith Dotson is wanted on two counts of statutory rape and three counts of statutory sodomy. An arrest warrant was issued on April 8; Dotson remains at large and has now started appearing on St. Louis Crimestoppers billboards in the area.

The first charge, from May 15, 2011, is for first-degree statutory rape, meaning the victim was a person less than fourteen years old. If found guilty, Dotson faces a prison sentence no less than five years. The maximum authorized sentence is life imprisonment.

The other charges, all from August 17, 2011, are one count of second-degree statutory rape and three counts of second-degree statutory sodomy, meaning the victim was under seventeen years old. Each of these four counts carries a maximum prison sentence of seven years.

An associate circuit judge in Jefferson County issued a warrant for Dotson's arrest on March 8, 2012. If you have any information that might help law enforcement locate him, you can contact Crime Stoppers at 314-725-8477 or submit a tip online here.

KSDK, reporting the story late last night, talked to an unnamed bandmate who says Dotson was planning to turn himself in when he has the money for a lawyer.

Court records indicate that a person with the same name and year of birth as Dotson pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident in St. Louis County in 1995 and operating a vehicle with a suspended license in 2009. A Brian Keith Dotson born in 1973 is also wanted in Washington County for operating a vehicle last year without a proper license or registration and is being sued by the state for what looks to be a failure to pay child support in excess $5,000, a felony.

Shattermask released its first album, 3til3 in 2003 and played as recently as March 10. Its online biography reads:

Shattermask uses the hard core of metal and the catchiness of mainstream, then combines it with a stage show of raw energy and capoeira. Shattermask is managed by Robair Evon Entertainment. Together they are working on many future projects and are forcing their way out of the Mid-West to give their fans, and new fans a taste of something they have never heard or seen.

We will update this post with more information as we get it.

For those who haven't had the pleasure of seeing Shattermask in action, some visual evidence is on the next page.

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