Coachella: The Garbage Situation is Out of Control

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Ben Westhoff
Hey, it's a festival. Garbage is going to be an issue. And we applaud the organizers of Coachella in their attempts to, you know, prevent our planet from being ruined. But this is a little much.

"Landfill"? That's garbage, right? But, we're supposed to feel shame for using it? "Mixed Recycling"? Why not just "Recycling"? And "Compost," are you serious? People are supposed to scrape their uneaten foodstuffs off their plates? Using what, their fingers? Clearly everyone was as perplexed as we: the contents of the compost bin, above, is clearly not compost.

In fact, turns out Mother Nature herself thinks this is all pretty silly, as you can see in the video below.

We heard about one guy using a liberated cardboard bin as an outfit. It's cold out there, folks.

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Yes, Lou Fest had the same setup. Also, many of the plates, cups and utensils are now compostable so you don't have scrape them off (not with "your fingers?" - didn't you just use a utensil to eat???). Those plates in the picture look compostable. The only one "clearly" perplexed is RFT Music.


I believe the same bins were also at Loufest last year and no one seemed to have an issue using them...


The landfill/compost/recycling trio is pretty common on college campuses these days. Seems normal to me.

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