Diplo: "It's important to be on the Internet. How else am I gonna watch porno, you know?"

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You say you play roughly 300 shows a year. You're always traveling - Is there anything that you can't travel without?

I've been travelling a lot with my son lately because he's getting older. So I've been taking him on tour and in the studio and different places.

Are there any records out right now that are not dance or electronic oriented that you're really into?

The Sleigh Bells album. Listen to that. But it's electronic anyway. What do you mean - like folk music? I listen to a lot of old music. I still listen to Van Morrison Astral Weeks.

Do you think that kind of ties in with your inspiration at all? Or do you kind of keep that for pleasure?

All the music I make I'm trying to tell a story, you know. It's where I come from. Music that paints a picture. That's what stuff like Van Morrison does to me. You can drive and be anywhere, so I hope that people can do that to my music too.

You've worked with everyone from Beyonce to Chris Brown. Is there anyone you'd like to work with?

Yeah - plenty of people. Like Jack White is amazing. Someone like that. It could be - I don't know. I'm just lucky I'm even doing anything. I just like to keep on working and make music and have people listen to it. I never pick an artist to produce, they just hit me up and everytime it's been a good experience.

Do you plan on hanging out with Jay Fay tonight? I think he might be in town.

Yeah. He's hitting me up on Twitter. I need to find his phone number somewhere.

How do you feel about him?

I only know some stuff...I don't know -- is it new? I've only heard about him about two months ago. I've got some of his old stuff from last year.

Do you see a lot of younger cats coming up in that field?

Yeah, it's such a great time for music right now. So many kids are doing so many interesting things. I'm so glad that Mad Decent - for a while I was like "Damn, I don't think Mad Decent is going to last" because everybody wants to hear a certain type of music but luckily there are so many kids making so many eclectic things. They wanna hear moombahton and now that's popular and they want to hear UK Bass and lo-fi stuff, so we've just been really lucky that people have been changing theirselves up and supporting. I'm so surprised when we got in the Zebra Katz record and that became a big record in these different scenes. It goes to show that there's still hope for stuff that's out there. I'm happy that the label's growing. We decided to put out the free stuff and it actually helped us to survive a little bit more.

Is that a type of marketing that you could see that's going to move that scene forward?

We're so small we can just try anything we want, you know? It's not hard to steer our ship around. We just do whatever. It turned out to be a good idea.

If there was one album or song that you could use to communicate with beings from another world - what would it be?

Maybe I could do like a song for kids that has the ABCs - so we could talk about it afterwards and so they could learn English. Maybe that or probably just play them Mobb Deep - "Shook Ones Pt. 2." Tell them "Get the fuck out of here" or I'll stab their brains with their nose bone.

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