Google Glass Project: Five Uses At Your Next Show

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Google believes Google Glass users will look like this. She's smiling because someone just told her to join Google+
Ever since Android and Google+ were released people seem to have opened up to the idea that every free service the search giant provides them is in fact paid for with a steady stream of personal information they don't realize Google has. With that in mind: The Google Glass Project is an enormous personal information goldmine. They'll know where you are, how long you stare at any given advertisement, whether or not, for that matter, you're subconsciously a racist.

But hey: You could also do some nice things with them at the average concert, right before Google asks you if you'd like to buy their album in the Google Play store. Here are some of those things--though most of the rock show veterans I know will be more interested in that self-driving car.

1. Scrolling lyrics. Having the lyrics to every song you hear at hand could save you from embarrassment in the short and long terms. Short-term: You're not going to shout any mondegreens when you're the loudest guy in your section belting out a mostly inscrutable Hold Steady song.

Long-term, though...

2. Avoiding inadvertent racism. Opening bands are hard to hear, especially if they play harder and faster than the headliner; if you're lucky you might hear a guitar melody and some neat drum fills. And what sounds great as an undifferentiated, roaring mess could embarrass you the next day when you share that punk band's studio version of "Give Jewland Back to the Jewish" on your friend's Timeline.

3. Background checks.

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