The Six Best Solo Guitar Albums

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Playing music in general takes some guts. Doing it alone takes even more, and making a record of instrumental unoccupied guitar moves a musician from the "gutsy" category to "ballsy." Here is the list of six best solo guitar albums. Feel free to let us know what your favorite solo guitar record is, but bring a friend for support.

6. Christopher Trull - Boxes of Dead Things
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Local guitarist Christopher Trull, formerly of Grand Ulena and currently of Yowie, recorded the instrumental record Boxes of Dead Things for no other reason than to get ideas out of his head and onto tape. The result is surprisingly beautiful, considering Trull's abstract pedigree. Each consonant moment simply aches, and each knotty melody slithers mischievously. Christopher Trull is not only one of our city's best-kept secrets, he's also one of the most inventive musicians alive.

5. Joe Pass - Virtuoso
How High the Moon by Joe Pass on Grooveshark
Joe Pass is an icon among jazz guitarists, and Virtuoso is his defining moment -- so much so that it had a sequel. Pass' technique is unparalleled, particularly with his nimble jumps between chords and blistering melodies. Some have accused Pass of being all chops and no soul, but the fact that he improvised over jazz standards for Virtuoso upon the off-the-cuff requests from the album's engineers comes off like a middle finger to those naysayers.

4. Glenn Jones - The Wanting
The Wanting by Glenn Jones on Grooveshark
At the end of 2011 I expected to see The Wanting on multiple end-of-year lists and was shocked by its absence. Glenn Jones, who used to play in the group Cul De Sac, crafted a gorgeous album of expressive Americana on the Thrill Jockey label. The one exception to the solo format was "Orca Grande Cement Factory at Victorville," a recording of Jones that was essentially remixed by drummer Chris Corsano. The other tracks are gorgeous displays of shimmering acoustic work and a few experiments on the banjo -- but we won't hold that against him.

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