Are You the Hardest Working Band in St. Louis? We Want to Talk to You

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We here at RFT Music get out to as many shows and venues as we can in the St. Louis area, but the reality is that we simply can't attend them all or get to know all the musicians in town.

Last week, RFT Music Editor Kiernan Maletsky and I were out on Urban Chestnut's new beer garden watching Beth Bombara perform and discussing this question over steins: Who is the hardest working band/singer/artist in St. Louis?

We threw out a couple names, but the discussion got complicated quickly: What makes a band the hardest-working? Number of shows? Difficulty of songs? Length of sets? And how would we know who best fit whatever criteria we used? So we decided that we needed to do some serious research before slapping or not slapping that label on anyone.

So, we open this discussion up with you, the artists and concert-goers of St. Louis. If you are or know of a band/artist that works harder than anyone else in this town, let us know. Cover bands, residency regulars, session musicians, wedding singers, club DJs, we'll look into them all. We want to get this right.

Email your nominations to hardestworkingbandstl[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

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ACOUSTIC me hands down the hardest workers


Check out ACOUSTIC ASYLUM....STL's HARDEST WORKING ACOUSTIC DUO....Bryon Davison from Whiskey Dixon and Danny Kalaher from Metal Studz... We collectively do 30 + shows a month each... We love what we do and St. Louis is an awesome music town... You can contact us at (618) 781-9304... Thanks!!!

Dan Blake
Dan Blake

Dan Johanning of the jungle fire, the disappeared, the chill dawgs, highway companion,  factory, dealbreaker (from time to time), not to mention his many budding projects and all of his many friends that he encourages to write and grow as musicians! 


Celia. And I'll email you all about why I feel that way.

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