50-Plus St. Louis Hip-Hop Artists You Should Know

Trixie and Shotta G If everything goes as it should these two artists will help St. Louis re-establish dominance in the world of hip-hop. Shotta G is an amazing emcee that can drop bars with the best of them. He has a natural star quality aura about him. He's a calm, collected Jamaican cat. He can pen sing-songy hooks that have pop radio vibes or he can spit some menacing braggadocio bars about anything under the sun. Trixie is going to go down in the history books as one of the best female lyricist the city has ever seen. She has a girl next door type of image combined with a very Queen of the hill approach to the mic. She's a pitbull waiting to be unleashed on so many levels and it's going to be quite enjoyable for me as a fan to witness her growth. She was featured on Nelly's most recent mixtape. For these two artist it is only a matter of time. With the backing of Derrty Ent and the genius marketing mind of Nelly behind Trixie and with Shotta coming along for the ride, they will surely do damage. Be on the lookout for Trixie's fellow Derrty Ent. Buzz-heavy crew member Lil St. Louis.

Theresa Payne This woman could one day be considered the Aretha Franklin of St. Louis. I believe CoCo Soul is indeed our version of Chaka Khan and Theresa Payne is her follow up. Her project The Moment, which was executive produced by Rockwell Knuckles, showcases her growth and songwriting ability on a level many didn't know she was capable of exploring. She is the girl down the street that can sing like none other. I believe we will hear her name mentioned with the all time greats of her genre eventually.

Midwest Avengers Living legends that have done it all. One of the most progressive St. Louis hip-hop crews ever. They are the sole reason some of the venues in our city even play hip-hop to begin with. Their new sound is centered in rock but it's difficult to give it a label because the actual music is a bit of a chameleon. John Harrington aka BC is the mastermind behind the group and is also one of the creative geniuses behind the scenes working hard to give you Slum Fest.

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