Does Hip-Hop Respect Women?

We are humans and sexuality is a huge part of our existence. Our society is evolving, and we are learning to showcase human sexuality without disrespecting each other. The problem is we live in a control-based society that is fueled by people having the desire to control others. We feel as if we have the right to belittle others with our false sense of self-entitlement. I believe in wrong and right. This is the simplest way to define my personal moral beliefs. I have challenged myself to not allow my views of morality to be defined by reality. Morality versus reality: when they both collide, things can become confusing. I believe in tons of different things but the truth is that my beliefs can be just as wrong as the next person's. Believing in something doesn't make it right and that's the growing problem with sexism.

Men believe they are right because they were taught to believe in more than a few very foolish ideas. We all have the right to be what we desire to be. If a young lady decides it's her life calling to be an exotic dancer then she has the right to be that. Life is all about basic freedoms, and when we challenge these freedoms we are choosing to play God. I believe the female gender must put the power back into her very own hands. Similar to every other minority group in this country she must manifest her very own destiny and decide her very own fate. This won't be totally possible until we as men learn to respect women on a level which we've never done before. The world can't completely change itself overnight, but we have to start somewhere. In the past, I have recorded records with derogatory language towards women in the songs lyrics. When I made my latest project War Machine 2, I said would attempt to make a commitment to stray from using this type of language. While I am not perfect, occasionally I speak my mind and run with the first thought I made an attempt to be considerate towards the feelings of others this time around. Rappers like Tupac Shakur made classic records like "Dear Mama" and "Hold Your Head Up".

These songs cued in and sent a positive message to the women of the hip-hop culture. The message was often simple but effective. We as men care for you and we will do whatever it takes to offer you protection and security from the woes of this world. We are also sorry for the foul treatment you have received on our behalf. The world is complicated and cruel but keep your head up because you are loved. These types of songs show compassion and vulnerability on a level that many men are afraid to show. Hip-hop is an art form that is deeply centered in the belief that respect is everything. Large rap feuds have turned into wars due to this specific theory. Respect rules the world and that's the bottom line. With this being said, I must admit we have done a horrible job of showcasing our respect for women.

We have to find a way to start respecting each other on a heightened level. Once we get to this point, things will start to change regarding the way we view and also treat each other. I am bothered by the way so many of live in medieval times. People like Rush Limbaugh are viewed as champions for saying ridiculous things about women concerning birth control. We live in a world where women have to fight over time for every ounce of respect they receive. The playing field is not even and we ourselves zero justice by not acknowledging this.

For the record, since this is the Tef Poe column, let me tell you Rush Limbaugh is an idiot and Don Imus deserves to burn in hell for his "nappy headed hoes" comment. These types of men probably go home and rely on their wives for everything under the sun. They'd say, "Hey honey can you please come in here and wipe my fat nasty trifling anus? While you're at it can you clean the lint from between my toes and wax my acne induced back?"

These are the type of men that believe they are the world's leading authority on the commonwealth of women in our current society structure. This is what happens when uneducated morons listen to educated morons. Morons teaching morons how to be even greater morons. You see, a few hundred years ago it was socially acceptable to think of women as our personal slaves and sex kittens. They had no public opinions that mattered much. They could not speak unless they were spoken to. They were robbed of educational opportunities that were gifted to men who were less talented and also less intelligent. These women were not allowed to vote.

They were one of America's truly voiceless communities. Imagine living a life where you aren't allowed to invest in yourself and the betterment of your personal future. Imagine living in a world that found ways to limit you and your core potential for every single day of your life. The only way out of this pitiful life was death or total complete submission. I wrote this blog to the let the women who follow me know that I honor your struggle. You have an ally and friend indeed with me. I cannot say that I wholeheartedly identify with your pain.

We don't have the right to dictate what you do with your body. You are a human, and I respect you. In the future I hope all hip-hop artists do our part to let women all across the world know that we are the voice of the people, not just the men.

This is one of the most radical forms of music ever created and as long as I am alive, we will do our part to help liberate you. You deserve to be respected and cherished. Your accomplishments deserve to be acknowledged and promoted. Your story is unsung and often unheard but one day the tables will turn and your voices will be heard. Hip-hop was created in the ghettos of North America, so the music itself is actually a product of American culture. The true question in this scenario is not does Hip-hop respect women, but does America respect women?

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