Schwag Frontman Jimmy Tebeau Faces 30-Month Sentence on Guilty Plea

Jimmy Tebeau-thumb-250x350.jpg
Tebeau as a performer in The Schwag Band, which the feds note is a slang term for low-grade marijuana.
The investigation began in August 2006 when the Missouri Highway Patrol arrested two people who'd been selling hallucinogenic mushrooms at Jimmy Tebeau's Camp Zoe in rural Shannon County. Over the next four years undercover officers claim they made more than 150 purchases of illegal drugs during Tebeau's "Schwagstock" festivals held on the property.

With crowds averaging 5,000 people per Schwagstock, authorities estimate that $500,000 worth of drugs were sold during a typical weekend festival with some 100 to 200 drug dealers working the crowds. And while Tebeau did not partake in any drug dealing himself, authorities say he allowed the sales to take place on his property and had a discerning taste for what drugs were available at Schwagstock.

Tebeau-approved drugs included marijuana, mushrooms, ecstacy, cocaine LSD, MDMA, opium, moonshine and hash brownies and cookies, according to a statement from the U..S. Attorney's Office. Meanwhile, Tebeau allegedly instructed his employees to eject anyone selling crack, meth, heroin or nitrous oxide.

In pleading guilty yesterday to the somewhat obscure and controversial charge of "maintaining a drug-involved premises," the 44-year-old Tebeau also agreed to forfeit his 350-acre property to the federal government, although he was returned $188,000 previously seized by the government.

Tebeau's attorney, Scott Rosenblum, tells Riverfront Times that the plea also allows for Tebeau to appeal the court's denial of his motion to dismiss the indictment.

"We're challenging the interpretation of the statute that he was having the festivals for the substantial purpose of allowing drug sales and not for the music," says Rosenblum.

If the court approves the plea deal at a hearing in September and denies the appeal of the indictment, Tebeau could begin serving a 30-month sentence this fall. But Rosenblum says his client would likely apply for a residential drug-abuse program that could knock a year or more off his prison time.

For more information on Tebeau's saga, check out RFT's in-depth story, Shakedown Street.

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I personally saw this man give LSD to young teens. Quit trying to make this guy look noble. He knew what was going on and did nothing to stop it. Rather encouraged it. I have seen hundreds of lives affected by what they were exposed to at an age before they were old enough to vote. Suicides, children lost, incarceration, mental hospitals, intelligent brains turned to mush. You you name it. Jimmy was only concerned about lining his pockets with millions. Hopefully his stint in jail will allow him to sober up and come out from underneath the fog that he had lived under for so long. And realize how he encouraged destruction of young lives. He is a very talented musician. I hope next time he will use his gift to promote good and not evil.


He always treated me fairly and was very kind. I'm not sure what happened to you many years ago but he did right by me and the band.


Unfortunately, I knew him very well back in the day when he was still married to his first wife Lisa, his kid was little and he was not a nice person.  He cheated everyone he was involved with back then. Any excuse to screw someone over....go ahead and believe the hype and smoke and mirrors if it makes you feel better.  You just been conned like a lot of other people.  


Greg, I think you posted just to get a rise out of some people. I don't think you know Jimmy at all.


Finally! Jimmy quit lying and took responsibility. He's a scam artist liar and he's getting what he deserves. Bet everyone who defended him feels pretty stupid now.

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