Paul McCartney's Six Best Moustaches

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2. The Band On The Run Moustache

2. Band On The Run stache.jpg

The above photo shows a mulletted Paul and Linda holding a commemorative record for Band On The Run in 1974. No further commentary is required.

1. The Sgt. Pepper Moustache

1. Sgt Pepper stache.jpg

The Sgt. Pepper 'stache is not only legendary for Paul McCartney, it owns a spot in the Moustache Hall Of Fame. It may be second only to Tom Selleck in the category of distinction. While the other Beatles' Sgt. Pepper 'staches made them look like creeps (Ringo), professors (John), or pirates (George), Paul's brought out his boyish charm; odd, since facial hair isn't generally associated with adolescence. It downward shape contrasts his mouth, accentuating his smile and making you just want to cuddle up with him and say "Yes, I'll still need you when you are sixty-four, even seventy!"

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