Twangfest 16 Starts Tonight

Photo by Neko Case
Kelly Hogan headlines Thursday's Twangfest Lineup
Tonight, the KDHX (88.1 FM) affiliated Twangfest Festival kicks off tonight with a sold-out show at the Schlafly Tap Room featuring Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three, Humming House and Prairie Rehab. The festivities continue through Sunday and the lineup is impressive throughout; you can see the full thing below.

Twangfest is unique among St. Louis music experiences. It is as intimate on any given night as a club show (because it is), but overall it has the special occasion feel of a much bigger festival. Part of that has to do with the booking, which follows the same passion-over-profit ethos guiding KDHX's on-air playlists. Though they're doing alright; two of Twangfest's four nights are already sold out.

But you haven't missed the boat -- far from it. Pokey LaFarge & the South City Three and Ha Ha Tonka are loved about as much as they should be (a ton) in this town, but let's not discount John Doe (of X), playing on Saturday, or Wussy (playing Thursday), about which no less an authority than Robert Christgau wrote, "Wussy have been the best band in America since they released the first of their five superb albums in 2005, only nobody knows it except me and my friends."

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Wednesday, June 6 at the Schlafly Tap Room
Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three
Humming House
Prairie Rehab

Thursday, June 7 at the Blueberry Hill Duck Room
Kelly Hogan
Deano & the Purvs
Pretty Little Empire

Friday, June 8 at the Blueberry Hill Duck Room
Ha Ha Tonka
Langhorne Slim
Kelsey Anderson and the Honkies

Saturday, June 9 at the Blueberry Hill Duck Room
John Doe
Kevin Gordon
Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers
Rough Shop

Location Info

Schlafly Tap Room

2100 Locust St., St. Louis, MO

Category: Music

Blueberry Hill

6504 Delmar Blvd., University City, MO

Category: Music

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