Destroying Records in 108 Degree Heat: Video, Photos and Proper Storage Advice

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If your record is damaged:

Sorry. You're out of luck. "Wear is wear," says Prince.

The two biggest destroyers of vinyl records: dust and water. We've already taught you how to avoid that dust at all costs. And if you're following the storage rules, your records won't get wet.

However, in case of a disaster, immediately remove the record for the case and dry it off. Throw the case away. Wet cases develop mold and "mold ruins records, period," says Prince. "Any record that has mold on it, or has had mold on it is finished, it's done, it's never going to be right."

So there we go, Vinyl Care 101. Preserve that Jack White album with love and maybe, just maybe, you can pass it down to your grand kids with a statement along these lines, "Back in my day..."

Today's RFT public service announcement was brought to you with a message by John Hartford.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. Special thanks to our friends at Vintage Vinyl.

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