Here's Your Postcard Perfect St. Louis 4th of July Photo (Plus Heart Highlights)

Kholood Eid
Yeah, we'll raise an InBev product to that.
The USA is one year older, and this year's celebration was oddly subdued in much of the country -- massive drought conditions led to the cancellation of fireworks displays all over, including many in the St. Louis area.

But the show downtown went on over a big, wet river with some assistance from rock and roll badass Heart. RFT Music photographer Kholood Eid was among the thousands braving the heat to bask in all the glory -- a few key moments from the night's festivities follow:

View a full slideshow of Heart on the Landing for Fair St. Louis

Kholood Eid
Nancy Wilson of Heart plays the hell out of her guitar on the 4th of July in Downtown St. Louis

Kholood Eid
Fans at Fair St. Louis

Kholood Eid
Ann Wilson of Heart.

Kholood Eid
It's a little bittersweet, but whatever.

Kholood Eid

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