Swastikas, Lemmy and Screaming Christians: Picking the Winner of the Mayhem Festival

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Good luck, As I Lay Dying.

Slipknot vs. Betraying The Martyrs

After barely sneaking into the second round, Slipknot is challenged by a questionable Parisian metal-core sextet.

DH: I have to go with Betraying The Martyrs because they don't have a band member who beats on empty kegs with a stick.
PR: Slipknot. I had a phase back in high school.
RW: I'm torn, because Betraying The Martyrs is the ironic choice and Slipknot is the guilty pleasure. I think Slipknot is probably better, it's just hard to look past the schtick. I'm impulsively going with Betraying The Martyrs. Sorry, Phil. You've been outvoted.
PR: Whatever.

WINNER: Betraying The Martyrs

Anthrax vs. Motörhead

The first match of headliner against headliner proves easier than the judges expected.

DH: I lean towards Motörhead. They were substantially more influential and Anthrax kind of turned into a joke. They were saying for a while that the singer of Slipknot was going to be their singer, which I have a problem with, obviously. And Lemmy, come on. I think i'm gonna have to go with Motörhead as the band who never tried to court members of Slipknot.
PR: Motörhead is better, and it's hard to look past Scott Ian's beard.
RW: Ian used to be on VH1 too often for me to take him seriously.

WINNER: Motörhead

Icon & Anchor vs. As Shadows Collapse

After battling peers to earn their spots on Mayhem, the two local champions face off.

DH: As Shadows Collapse because I found Icon & Anchor to be exceptionally boring.
RW: As Shadows Collapse is a different kind of boring to me. I'll say Icon & Anchor.
PR: I'm going Icon & Anchor.

WINNER: Icon & Anchor

Slayer vs. As I Lay Dying

To be honest, the judges didn't even discuss this one.

WINNER: Slayer

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