Swastikas, Lemmy and Screaming Christians: Picking the Winner of the Mayhem Festival

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Motörhead vs. Slayer

"Ace Of Spades" or "Raining Blood?"

DH: This is really tough, but Slayer sort of inadvertently invented death metal. The stuff on the new albums isn't as good but I can't even think of something on a newer Motörhead record. Slayer did that tour where it rained blood on stage, and that's pretty cool. And look what Kerry King keeps doing to himself with the head tattoos. It looks awesome!
PR: So, neck and head tattoos versus Lemmy's giant mole.
DH: Oh, and Dave Fuckin' Lombardo is the best drummer.
PR: And he gets points for playing in Fantomas.
RW: What about Slayer using swastikas in its imagery?
DH: Well, [Slayer guitarist] Jeff Hanneman is a huge World War 2 buff, so that's where that comes from. And I think [singer] Tom Araya is Columbian or Cuban or some kind of not pure Aryan race. It was just something they did because it was controversial.
RW: Lemmy has tons of cred though. When he was in that Foo Fighters video a bit ago, that was the Foo Fighters borrowing his cred.
PR: He used to roadie for Hendrix. That reminds me; he's British. So there's that whole [chanting] U-S-A, U-S-A slant, which works in favor of Slayer. Plus, people don't walk up to other people and get in their face and yell "Motörhead!"
DH: And I don't think anybody has put a box cutter to their arm to give themselves a Motörhead tattoo, but that's how almost every Slayer tattoo is done.


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NickLucchesi moderator communitymanager

"DH: And I don't think anybody has put a box cutter to their arm to give themselves a Motörhead tattoo, but that's how almost every Slayer tattoo is done."


I think this is a result of the type of person who is Slayer fan, vs. the type of person who is a Motorhead fan. Speed-addled shut-in who's depressed? Think the idea of giving yourself a homemade band tattoo alone is a good one? You're a Slayer fan.


On the other hand, if you're in the middle of a bender with three or four of your friends, what do you do? You go out and get Motorhead tattoos together. 


Case in point:



NickLucchesi moderator communitymanager

While both bands' best material is more than 25 years behind them, Motorhead's body of work, history and ability to put out a great record full of new songs every few years should give them the advantage, easily. If you want to talk influences, look at the litters of awful death/thrash/Republican Metal bands that were inspired by Slayer, then look at the bands who use Motorhead as an influence. Tell me which ones you'd rather listen to. Based on reading the defenses of Motorhead above, and the location (Missouri is Slayer country), I'd say Slayer wins based on a poor defense of Motorhead, and the sheer force of meth-powered Slayer fans.



Motorhead is better than Slayer.


The Devil Wears Prada owns all these other bands.



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