Neil Young's Third Documentary with Jonathan Demme Opens Tomorrow at the Tivoli

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Sony Pictures Classics
Neil Young Journeys
Directed by Jonathan Demme.
Opens Friday, July 27, at the Tivoli

In this week's music feature, we talked to Neil Young and director Jonathan Demme about their latest collaborative documentary, Neil Young Journeys. Demme also directed 2006's Neil Young: Heart of Gold and 2009's Neil Young Trunk Show.

This latest installment, opening tomorrow at the Tivoli, focuses on Young's life through a drive from his home to a concert venue. Demme and Young have obviously established a rare rapport at this point. Watch the trailer for Neil Young Journeys below.

Location Info


Landmark Tivoli Theatre

6350 Delmar Blvd., University City, MO

Category: Film

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