Attention: Kelley Deal is Playing A Show Tomorrow At the Crack Fox with Her New Band, R. Ring

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photo by Chris Glass
Saturday, July 14, 2012 at the Crack Fox

R. Ring (Kelley Deal of The Breeders and Mike Montgomery of Ampline)
Samuel Fickie
Grace Sophia

Doors 8:00, show 9:00, $10, 21+

Kelley Deal endeared herself to St. Louisans a few years ago when she chose to film the video for the Breeders' single "Fate to Fatal" with our roller derby team, the Arch Rival Roller Girls. The video was populated entirely by locals -- both on skates and in the audience as extras. Since the filming, Kelley's sister (and fellow Breeder) has been busy with her other band, the Pixies, and Kelley has joined up with Mike Montgomery of Ampline (and Candyland Recording Studio) in a new duo called R. Ring.

This is a D.I.Y., lo-fi project, with both Deal and Montgomery singing and playing acoustic guitars. Montgomery mostly sings as back up to Deal's familar angelic voice and together the two R. Ringers create songs that range from muted to psychedelic, but always sound personal. It's a sweet little folk act, but with all of the excellent weirdness and uneasy chaos that permeates Deal's other musical endeavors. Basically, if you've ever wanted to know how Kelley Deal sounds when she's singing in her living room, this is your chance.

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TKD6K Fan Numero Uno
TKD6K Fan Numero Uno

IT WAS TIGHT, THEY OPENED WITH TWO TKD6K SONGS! I could not afford the CD (legend suggests it only had two songs on it but still, how can I complete my Kelley Dealscography?) but I did get a hug from Kelley at the end of the night, wow!  I told her I seen't her every time she was in town since 1997.

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