The Best and Worst of LouFest 2012, According to the Fans

Kholood Eid
LouFest 2012 has come and gone, and we have spilled one or two thousand words in the service of telling you our thoughts. But we are but one editorial entity, and there are no shortage of opinions out there. So we collected a few from the locals and visitors alike spending their weekends in Forest Park. Below: The best and worst sets and some descriptions of LouFest 2012 from twelve fans.

Interviews conducted by Brian Heffernan and Kiernan Maletsky

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LouFest Sunday-5.jpg
Brian Heffernan

Molly Moore
Days at the LouFest: Saturday and Sunday
Hometown: "I'm from the Lou and I'm proud."
Best Set: Girl Talk
Worst Set: "All of the other ones."
LouFest 2012 in ten words or less: "Really Awesometastic."

Kholood Eid

Jenny Johnson
Days at the LouFest: Sunday
Hometown: Franklin County
Best Set: Cults
Worst Set: N/A
LouFest 2012 in ten words or less: "A lovely mix of some of the best current music."

LouFest Sunday-10.jpg
Brian Heffernan

James Oerding
Days at LouFest: Sunday
Hometown: St. Louis
Best Set: "Cults or Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin"
Worst Set: Wild Nothing -- "That was just a little too '80s."
LouFest 2012 in ten words or less: "Getting younger but still pretty damn good."

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Ryan Patrick
Ryan Patrick

The number one rule of Loufest is don't talk about Loufest.

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