LouFest Postponed Due to Rain: [UPDATE - It's Back, and Flaming Lips Will Still Play]

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Kholood Eid
This year's LouFest has featured much more rain and much less Wi-Fi than in year's past. The presence of the former has caused delay in today's proceedings, whereas the lack of the latter has left RFT Music staffers in attendance unable to update the public in any traditionally timely fashion. Never fear, however, as we anticipated every imaginable possibility of disaster, and currently I am holed up in an off-site impenetrable underground bunker at an undisclosed location. Music editor Kiernan Maletsky is sending me up-to-the-minute transmissions from his mobile look-at talky device, which can be seen below. Keep hitting refresh for the latest.

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7:36 PM - The sun is (more-or-less) shining, the Flaming Lips are shooting confirmational confetti blasts and Dr. Dog is starting its set, less than an hour after the rain began.

7:32 PM - Wayne Coyne standing on the other stage, waving reassuringly at the crowd.

7:31 PM - They're sound checking Dr. Dog's stage now.

7:29 PM - Dr. Dog will play an abbreviated set, Flaming Lips will probably go a bit late - until 10:15 or 10:30.

Kholood Eid
7:27 PM - An official from the fest has just told me they'll be going in 15 minutes.

7:24 PM - Stage Crew: "Let's start pulling tarps."

7:23 PM - Security (as an aside, not to the crowd): "They'll start back up in a minute."

7:19 PM - Crowd is starting to filter back in now. Sky is clear-ish to the West.

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