The 17 Best Fans, Musical Moments and Trends at LouFest 2012: Day One

Jason Stoff
17. Twenty-Five Percent of the Girl Talk Crowd
Girl Talk only makes sense -- and I do mean only -- if you are dancing. Otherwise it's just your very pop-savvy friend's iTunes playlist on schizophrenic overdrive. So kudos to those bumping various body parts and whipping around beach balls -- there were heady times to be had front and center.
--Kiernan Maletsky

16. Most Valuable Instrument: Electric Guitar
LouFest has been, in its first two years, a fairly demure music festival. Acoustic instruments and elegant singers abounded. Not today: Five of the eight bands are shredders, led -- of course -- by Dinosaur Jr. and its legendary assault.

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Kholood Eid
15. Learning What Kind of Friend Phantogram's Sarah Barthel Would Be
A conversation overheard during the Phantogram set:
"I just want to be that girl's friend."
"Yeah, she does seem like she'd be a good friend."
"She'd be that one that's real artsy, but, you know, also kind of flakey."
--Brian Heffernan

14. Jay Farrar's Banter
"          ," says Jay Farrar, the local alt-country legend.

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