The Six Best Greatest Hits Albums

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This week, RFT announces the winners of this year's Best Of St. Louis issue. To celebrate - and give a break from the local overload to ensue - here are the six best "Best Of" albums, plus a few bonus picks at the end. Let us know your favorites in the comments, and we'll put the comment in our vault and assemble the Best Of RFT Music Comments album when the market seems ready (please note: there is no vault).

6. Iron Maiden - Best Of The Beast
The Trooper by Iron Maiden on Grooveshark
Iron Maiden's Best Of The Beast should be given to every kid along with his/her first electric guitar. It's a compendium of sweet riffs. "The Trooper," "Wasted Years," and "Aces High" are enough to give a preteen a head start towards starting the best metal band of 2021. This collection succeeds by concision. Iron Maiden's innovation and enthusiasm were not always in equal measure, and some of its albums have their share of filler. Best Of The Beast edits Iron Maiden down its essence without sacrificing the extended solos or dramatic spoken word introduction to "Number Of The Beast" - which explains why this album ranks at number 666.

5. Green Day - International Superhits

She by Green Day on Grooveshark\
International Superhits dropped between Green Day's albums Warning and American Idiot, meaning it was after the group survived two career cycles and before it decided to rival U2 as the most self-righteous band in the universe. Before American Idiot, Green Day was not concerned with concepts and elaborate themes; every song on every album tried to be a single. In that sense, International Superhits really is a streamlined Green Day experience rather than a marketing ploy. And it gets points for the addition of "J.A.R." from the Angus soundtrack.

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