Paul McCartney Tickets Are On Sale at 10 a.m. Today [Sold Out]

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Paul McCartney Tickets will be on sale at 10 a.m. today in St. Louis, Vancouver, Edmonton and Houston. He's appearing here on November 11 at the Scottrade Center. You can buy tickets for the St. Louis show here through Ticketmaster. They range from $27 (before fees) to $250. It looks to us at the moment like they're opening the entire arena for seating -- usually the stage is built such that the back sections would be completely blocked. That means it's likely McCartney will have a stage with no backing, and those cheap seats will be behind the Beatle. Though we have no doubt you'd still have a great time.

Update, 10:40 a.m.: And it's sold out. So that's north of 20,000 tickets (if we're right about the layout of the stage, which seems likely) sold in a small presale and a little over half an hour of regular on-sale. StubHub is currently listing 1,711 tickets ranging from $128 to $5,500, which is pretty much why we hate everything about the scalping market.

Update, 10:25 a.m.: Every level except the most expensive (we just found a seat for $267 six rows up in the section right by the stage and another for $180 a few sections back) appears to be sold out. @notjustanotherj reports that the StubHub market is already booming and that he got himself tickets through the regular on-sale. He must be really good at Captchas, because Ticketmaster's are damn near impossible.

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We're going to try and track the sale, so we'd love it if you can report to us, either in the comments or on Twitter (@rftmusic). Let us know if you got seats and, if you like, in what section. If this turns into a day-of sell-out (it might, but then again the Scottrade Center is a damn big place) we'll update here when the standard market is out of tickets. From there it's the strange, complicated world of third-parties and scalpers.

For those of you who are just joining this whole conversation, this will be McCartney's fourth overall appearance in St. Louis and first in ten years. And just for the record, at the moment there are a whopping four total North American shows confirmed for 2012:

Nov. 11 at Scottrade Center, St. Louis
Nov. 14 at Minute Maid Park, Houston
Nov. 25 at BC Place, Vancouver
Nov. 28 at Rexall Place, Edmonton

Yeah, he'll probably add more, but at the moment if you live in New York and want to see Paul McCartney in concert this year, your shortest trip is to St. Louis.

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egolterman topcommenter

'Big screen it into the opera house for $25 a ticket, and scalpers keep out.  You will be struck by lightening'.  The Phantom


The contents are really good…         


egolterman topcommenter

Of course the people are 'screwed' as they always are. Blocks and blocks to scalpers, and re-sale sources, and corporations. Stinks. Ok, open the opera house-big sceen it in, the audio is excellent. I will sit in  the box office and sell and hand 3100 tickets to the main theater to just people. And I know the difference. I know the difference between assholes and people. The assholes have their noses in the air and kind of a glazed smurk. They are nervous. Also put screens in the 4-theater auditoriums another 2000. Thats' 5100 at $25.00 a ticket.  That's not bad. And for people who thought Checkettsand McKees built a brand new building, we put in the awesome history of the performers and performing groups that have been on  that great stage for 6 decades.

Jamal McLaughlin
Jamal McLaughlin

sold out before public sale even started. i was online at 10am and there was nothing!


@RiverfrontTimes 23 minutes in I scored a FLOOR SEAT and I am FREAKING THE FUCK OUT


@RiverfrontTimes it took 2hrs for him to fimd his dentures

Riverfront Times
Riverfront Times

Man, those scalpers sure are good at Captchas. The show is now officially sold out, half an hour later.

James Adams
James Adams

I dont think so, I saw him in 92 at the old Busch and in 02 at Savvis, both great but I wont be having the $400- 500 a pop to do it this time.

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